Bluetooth Net Monitor v2

This post only goes over the new stuff in the network monitor, I’d recommend having a look at the original post first.

  • New PCB design
    The new PCB is now an almost single board design, just a separate board for the USB connector. The old monitor had a small main board which connected to the LCD and Bluetooth modules. This new board has everything soldered straight on.
  • Revamped microcontroller code
    Refactored a lot of the microcontroller code, reduced RAM usage and improved performance a little bit.
  • New router program
    The router program is now completely written in C! Uses much less CPU time than the old shell script.
  • New host program
    Written in C# .NET and uses LibUsbDotNet. It’s still in early development, but at the moment allows uploading images (takes around 2.5 – 3 seconds to upload), drawing stuff (mouse click and drag) and controlling the display brightness.
  • Other new features
    New efficient binary protocol instead of a text protocol.
    Added a temperature sensor since there was a lot of room left on the PCB, however this turned out to be a bit useless for measuring the room temperature because of the heat dissipated by nearby parts, mainly the Bluetooth module.
    Included USBaspLoader bootloader to allow easy firmware updating over USB, slightly modified to suit the monitor.
Sources available at GitHub

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