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Everyone likes free stuff. I thought I’d share my recent success of getting a few free chip samples:


3 day delivery from US to UK via DHL WW Express

5 day delivery from UK via Royal Mail.

2 week delivery from Thailand

I also ordered STD75N3LLH6 x4 and STD155N3LH6 x4 (MOSFETs) from ST, but they declined my request, I think I ordered too many, 3 of each part is usually the maximum.
So in total, these samples are worth around £45! (ex. VAT) The DS3231 RTC ICs being the bulk of it, at £5-£7 each.
Stay tuned for upcoming projects using these parts!

Update – 23 May 2013
3 day delivery from US to UK via DHL WW Express

2 day delivery from US

1 week delivery from US


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  1. how you got ATMega328p from ATMEL?

    when i registered it says “Your email domain is not authorized to request samples from Atmel.com. Please use your company email domain to request samples.”

    but i dont have a company what u used as ur email id?

    1. I used my own domain for the email address (@zakkemble.co.uk). @gmail.com etc addresses are not usually allowed.

      1. Thanks, I have applied for components using my company email ID(@nokia.com) 🙂

        HOw much time they took to ship the components from the day of applying?

        1. Just a few days I think.

    • Piyush Pandey on May 16, 2016 at 2:51 am
    • Reply

    HI Zaks

    I have no success in ordering samples from ST microelectronics. So could you tell me how can I order from ST microelectronics the samples.

    Actually I want to order few of their microcontrollers.


    1. It’s been a while since I last ordered samples from ST. Are you using a private email address (not gmail, hotmail etc) and ordering 3 or less items?

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